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Our Work

  Here, we share with you some of our work, unfortunately it is not possible to post them all, but I hope you can see a little of our work, we seek to deliver excellence in our work.

Color change walls and Trims


In this house, the color of the walls and trims was changed, we went from a dark color to a light color, in this work we had to do repairs on the ceilings and on some walls, but the final result was incredible.

Ceiling repair

this bathroom ceiling had to be completely replaced, because the customer thought that the ceiling was damp due to the hood that was broken, and when we went to open it to replace it, there were leaks in the roof. After the roof was fixed, and given the time for the whole area to dry, we removed the thermal insulation that had been affected, replaced it with a new one, closed it and painted it. spectacular service.

Garage door painting

Preparation, and painting the garage door from a light color to black, a beautiful result, highlighted the house.

Pool house painting

In this service, we started by painting the trims and walls, however, when finished, the customer found the color dark, and asked us to change the color, and that was done. He was right, the result got much better.

Wall repair

There was infiltration in this wall, so for the plumber to fix it, it was necessary to open the wall, and our company was called in for the repair, the customer and we were satisfied with the result.

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